How to Make Simple or Plain Wire Loops Using Wire
2014-01-15 11:55:38
Source: Author: unknow

Jewelry Making Supplies 

20 gauge (.81 mm) round wire (for practice use brass or copper wire)

a few beads with top to bottom drilled holes

fine point felt tip marker

safety glasses

Jewelry Making Tools

one pair round nose pliers

one pair chain nose pliers

wire Cutters


Beginner Jewelry Making Instructions

1. Gather supplies and tools. 

2. Use a fine point marker and mark the jaws of your round nose pliers at about 3/8" (about 5 mm) (or other measurement) from their tip. This will help you to make consistent size wire loops.



3. Cut a piece of wire about 2 1/4 times the length (hole to hole) of your bead.

With your dominant hand, pick up the round nose pliers. Grasp one end of the wire between the pliers' jaws at the mark you made in step 2. Make sure that the wire is flush or even with the top of the pliers' jaws. This will help to keep the loop round.



4. Rotate the pliers away from you, making a half loop.

Adjust the pliers so that you can rotate them again to make an entire loop. The loop now looks like the letter "P".




5. Use the round nose pliers and make a bend in the straight side of the wire where the opening of the loop touches it.



6. Properly formed loop, slightly open.



7. Slide on your bead. Make a loop on the other end of the wire. You've made a double ended wire loop. Make another bead unit.



8. Before closing the loop, connect one bead's loop to another.




9. Use the chain nose pliers to close the loops.



10. Two bead units connected.



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